Product Name : Ceramic Edge Finder
Product No : RICH-CZB

This CZB-type edge finder: a non-magnetic product, the front end is all-ceramic.

Edge Finder is a tool used in the spindle of a machine such as a mill. The device is used to accurately determine edges or markings and therefore the center of a workpiece or a previously machined feature during the set-up phase of a machining operation.


  • Do not use the bend apart or to drag or pull with force.
  • Never let impurities or foreign things stain on the slide face.
  • While using edge finder, be sure the speed not over 6000 rpm.
  • Never apply it on machine of horizontal type.
ModelO.D.Full LengthProbe Diameter
RICH-CZB10 10 88 Φ10x6L
RICH- CZB420 10 88 Φ4x8L
RICH- CZB1020 10 85 Φ10x10L