Product Name : Chuck Block/ MAGNETIC TRANSFER BLOCKS
Product No : RICH-GT

Chuck blocks are for use on magnetic chucks with parallel poles. They may be used horizontally or vertically and can be machined to fit irregular shaped workpieces.

  • Nonmagnetic Chuck Block can be magnetized after being inducted on any magnetic chuck, are applied as plate and 45 grinding tool.
  • Improved holding performance for cylindrical and irregular shaped workpieces. Provides a side support for taller workpieces. Provides a finer pole contact surface for thinner workpieces.
  • You can use the V-face of GT2 to hold the 45 degree grinding tool or roll round steel.
RICH-GT1 25x50x100-2PCS 2.4
RICH-GT2 46x49x580-2PCS 2.2