Product Name : ER Collect Punch Former
Product No : RICH-PFD
  • The model is compatible with various ER collect such as ER32.40.50.
  • Rapidly clamp the work piece and achieve higher stability.
  • During processing, no need to adjust the center accuracy.
Hardness HRC60°~62°
Material SKS3
Center heigh 80-81mm
ER32Collect Clamping range Φ2-Φ20mm
ER40Collect Clamping range Φ3-Φ26mm
ER32Collect Clamping range Φ10-Φ34mm
Model Specification
RICH-PFD-ER32 6810121620
RICH-PFD-ER40 681012162025
RICH-PFD-ER50 68101216202532