Product Name : Precision Sine Vise
Product No : RICH-VG73
  • VG73 Precision Sine Vise, Two-way fine-tuning design on the base, is simple to operate, and high precision, good stability, suitable for complicated angle grinding.
  • It can be used in conjunction with the block gauge, easy processing of a variety of angles.
  • It can be used for grinding, cutting, marking, drilling, and other functions.
  • Movable jaw with horizontal and vertical small V-groove design for easy gripping rod-type workpieces.
  • The body is made of stainless steel, vacuum heat treatment then cryogenic treatment, and final grinding molding. The body is stable, not deformed.
Material SUS440
Parallelism 3μm /100mm
Squareness 5μm /100mm
Heat Treatment Hardness HRC50°~55°
Model A B D E J F H G Max. Angle
RICH-VG73 160 73 30 94 100 33 45 0-78 46° 8.8