Product Name : RICH Self Centering Vise
Product No : RICH-SCV100
  • Self Centring Precision Vise is Suitable for 4 and 5 Axis CNC Rotary Table usage, either in hoizontal or vertical machining.
  • Vise precision of its center repetition position is +0.01mm or -0.01mm.
  • Using high quaility cast iron FCD 60 (GGG 60). Slideway has high frequence heat treatness at HRC 45o or more to keep the accuracy and its long use life.
  • Vise hard jaw material is full Steel and heat treatness at HRC 55o or more. Owing to its good design to use both sides of jaw since it is exchangeable.
  • Special design for the Self Centring Precision Vise to prevent work piece from bending druing clamping and machining. Thus, it has the best solution in clamping the work piece.