Product Name : Universal Wheel Dresser
Product No : RICH-WD165
  • Universal Wheel Dresser is adaptable on surface grinding machine and universal tool grinder for dressing grinding wheels into various cross sections of flat or curved shapes.
  • Calculation Formulas


    To dress convex arc surface::H=L+R

    To dress concave arc surface::H=L-R

    H- Distance between outer generating lines of two locating pin.

    R- Radius of the arc surface to be dressed.

    L- Distance from tip of diamond cutter to base plate

Center height 195mm
Measuring quasi-pin dia Φ10mm
Max. swing distance of diamond cutter ±14mm
Max. wheel diameter Φ200mm
Reading accuracy of turret index 5’
Max. translation of feed 25mm
Feed per division of handle scale 0.01mm